Plan Professional Training Programs Efficiently

Leverage the strengths of this table to track your training programs

Centralize and Manage Program Content

A collaborative table like the one shown below will centralize program content for more efficient management by the training manager. It can be made available to contributors so that everyone will know at any time whether new training material is needed, the topic to be covered, and the deadline for producing the content.

Manage Training Programs

Contributors can be granted the right to modify the table, allowing them to make note of any difficulties and update their progress. With this real-time information, the training manager can manage training programs easily, even modifying current topics or switching sessions if necessary.

Optimize Training Sessions

Training schedules must be rigorously managed to optimize sessions. The availability of the trainer is essential, as well as the trainees’ availability. In fact, low registration volume often necessitates cancellation of a session. When notified well in advance, participants are better able to organize their calendar and ensure their own attendance.

Use this template now for professional training courses

Use this table template

A Successful Training Session | Logistics Management

This template summarizes all the elements related to in-house training in your company. It gives you an overview of metrics like the types of training sessions offered, the number of employees who attended, the and total cost, all at a glance.

Most employees look forward to professional training and development. Employees can benefit from training by gaining more opportunities for promotion, an increase in skills in a targeted area of expertise, or a medium-term career development plan. In turn, efficient planning of in-house training programs reflects the company’s serious commitment to its employees, leading to greater employee satisfaction, which they often share in their professional ecosystem. Thus in-house training is an effective way to convey a positive image within your company and beyond.

Use the table template now to follow the professional trainings Use this table template
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