Recruitment tracking: our ready-to-use tracking template

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Use our ready-to-use recruitment tracking templates to track the progress of different candidates in your HR pipeline. Record all helpful information on applicants to help you make informed decisions about your recruitment.

Use this template

Automatically generate and share your candidate's files.

This template centralizes in real time all the information collected during the interviews with the candidates contacted.

Centralize all your information in a single table.

Go beyond numbers or text. RowShare allows you to add attachments in the lines of your table; CV, letter of motivation, or any other document provided by your candidates to the rows of your tables. Centralize and secure all your information in one place.

Interact in-real-time in the comment section with your team.

Add your valuable feedback in the comments section of your RowShare table. Write it all on the table so that everyone involved in recruitement can benefit.

How do you optimize the recruitment processing of your candidates?

Imagine you found the right candidate but they are hired elsewhere. You search through your notebook to discover, You had missed vital information about them.

You then ask yourself, “How can I optimize my recruitment tracking?” Without an organization before making contact, the valuable information risks being lost. This may lose time and cause frustration.

Using a collaborative tool is a luxury when recruiting. Heres why,

Centralize in real-time all the information collected during the exchanges with contacted candidates. All displayed on a table for monitoring the recruitment of candidates. The elements to each candidate are accessible to the entire recruitment team.

This saves you time. The recruitment officers or managers, therefore, have access to RowShare. Each collaborator will have the possibility to add or modify the data. Notifications are set up to track the modifications  made optimal management.

In addition, managers can be reassured. All the aspects are archived in the table even if the team undergoes a turnover. Access rights to information are granted by a simple assignment in your table. 

Are you looking for the best way to track applicants? You found it.

Thanks to the advanced confidentiality options, you can choose in a precise way the information that your collaborators can modify and consult. You thus ensure the confidentiality and security of the information collected.

A recruitment tool at the service of HR performance

RowShare is your progress table designed like an HR dashboard: current recruitment operations, past actions (candidates already contacted, reminders sent), plus data about the candidates (CVs, identification sources, contact info).

Our recruitment tracking table will help you know which candidates are being monitored by your employees and which step in the recruitment process they are in. RowShare highlights every progress report to watch recruitment. At a glance, managers can assess their team’s activities.

This recruitment tracking table also serves as an effective analysis tool that centralizes all KPIs relating to this activity. That way, the recruitment team can see, for example, whether candidates who are intensely attentive to the market are from the same business sector or the same company. It may be wiser to approach employees from a specific company at a given moment. This way, the information gathered will provide crucial indications about market trends.

Identifying suitable candidates is a challenging job, and recruiting them is difficult.

RowShare lets recruitment teams collaborate optimally in their hunt for talent. By using easy-to-use, shareable, collaborative tables, you can narrow down the profile of your ideal candidate as much as you want by comparing all the information gathered. Whether you have ten or a hundred candidates down the pike, RowShare proposes a tool to fit your needs.

Be  organized  and work better with Rowshare

Help your team get organized, delegate tasks, and automate data processes without losing sight of the big picture.

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Rowshare makes it easy for teams to collaborate to get the same information in a simple and seamless way. It also provides easy access to stored data! At Rowshare, customer service is also quick and responsive, despite being in New York and Rowshare in France. Read the notice
Carter Dwight, RTR
Overall, this is the best online collaborative spreadsheet software to date. It is easy to use and has all the important features. Read the notice
Muhammed Anshad K., MIA Arabia
The tool is very user-friendly and can be customized according to the needs which are the most desirable features. Thus, we can perform our daily tasks more easily and efficiently and save valuable time. I also appreciated the customer support they offer. Read the notice
Sabin Ghatani, Arts and Crafts
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