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To simplify data management, use RowShare to centralize your important information securely. Automatically generate HR documents, and start improving your processes today.

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Centralize your employee information in a single table, customized by us or you.

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Set up automatic reminders by email to let employees know of their medical visits or upcoming training, for example.

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Use RowMerge to automatically generate your important HR documents in your table, such as employee certificates, contracts, and all their information.
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The table for your business personnel files

What is a personnel file?

A personnel file brings together all the important information on each employee within an organization. RowShare tables are your go-to spreadsheet for human resources management and more. Centralize and structure your data, professional knowledge, and administrative documents for each employee.

What does a personnel file contain?

Documents that should be included: 

The main purpose of a personnel file is to bring together all the data necessary for employees’ personal and professional identification.

This includes the civil status of the employee, contact details, social security number, driving license (if available), and all the files relating to their entry into the company (CV, letter of motivation, copy of diplomas, certifications and authorizations, employment contract, medical examination, etc.), residence permits, certificates, bank details, or even insurance, complementary or mutual insurance plans …

This table is also for employees who have left the company, the files relating to their departure (letter of invitation to a preliminary interview, letter of notification of dismissal, letter of resignation, memorandum of understanding for amicable termination, conventional termination, sale of any account signed, waiver or acceptance of wage portage, etc.).

Information includes as well, copies of the exchanges between the employee and the company, the marital and family situation of the employee, the disciplinary history of the employee, details of the training requested and followed by the employee, the reports of the evaluation interviews and professional, sick leave notices, requests for authorization of absences and leave, mutual and provident insurance contracts taken out by the employee as part of the offer proposed by the company, the various endorsements and employment contracts of the employee, the unilateral decision of the employer, the employment contract, the mission order, the payslips and the hours worked, the update on the annual meetings, the objectives set, etc.

The file could also contain information on the employee’s career before and after joining the company, and the information about the arrival and departure. 

Documents that should not be included

Personnel files contain many personal and professional information about the employee. However, the report should not mention discriminatory nature: Racial or ethnic origins, date of entry into the country, date of naturalization, procedures for acquiring a visa, sexual orientation and preferences, political affiliations and opinions, the religion practiced, or the nature of the accommodation.

The Information carrying out a personal file: Information on the family circle, the history of addresses, judicial convictions, individual assessments or remarks qualifying the employee.

In addition, for employees who have left the company, employers must return a certain number of documents to their employees who have left and delete all personal documents (RIB, documents relating to family situations, etc.).

A personnel file is essential to ensure the effective management of employees, facilitate internal communication, ensure legal compliance, and enable informed decision-making in human resources. It must be treated confidentially and securely per the regulations concerning protecting personal data.

Use this RowShare table to manage your personnel files

Get started now by using our ready-to-use table template, adaptable to your needs.

The advantages of our table template for your HR files.

  • Centralize all employee information in a single table: identity card, social security certificate, type of contract, etc… Below is an overview of all the information that is collected. RowShare also offers a drop-down menu for different kinds of contracts. This centralization of information means that employees can manage their rows, giving them autonomy in updating their data.

Dossier du Personnel - RowShare

  • Update data each time an employee arrives/departs.
  • Guaranteed user confidentiality: Each collaborator can modify any data in the rows and columns of each table. The software administrator has a complete overview of the table. The owner can also assign rows to the people of his choice. In this way, the administrator will be notified each time information is modified. Secondly, Rowshare allows owners to configure their own table so that users who acccess their link can see all rows but edit only those that belong to them.

RowShare features

Personnalisation tableau - RowShare

  • Generate employment contracts: In this same table, it is possible to generate employment contracts from a template in Word format. These contracts can be stored one after the other in this same table. It is possible, for example, that a user needs to extract documents into Word. To avoid inserting data manually, Rowshare generates them automatically.
  • Filter and sort table rows: Sort names in alphabetical order, date of birth in ascending/decreasing order, or personnel number in ascending/decreasing order, for example; Filter only women/men, employees who have left/are working, or type of contract, such as permanent/temporary/internship.
  • Freeze table columns: This can be useful when you need to fill in a certain column using only first and last names.
  • Customize your table: You can to add or remove columns you deem essential or not and rename your columns. Make this table yours, and if you would like, RowShare is always available to adapt the table to your specific needs.

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