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Find out how our table is the right tool to optimize the management and monitoring of your employees' expense reports

Use this template

Collect and Secure your data

And Choose Who You Are Sharing Information With

Share your table with your employees so they can fill it in when they have an expense to report  but define access rights so you can control which rows they an see. For example, you can keep a comprehensive view of all expense reports while making sure employees only see their own.

Centralize your valuable information in a single table

One table to manage the expense reports process

Go further than numbers or text. Our table allows you to add attachments (word, pdf, html…), images, and more to the rows in your tables. Centralize and secure all your information in one place. Allow your employees to integrate their supporting documents directly into the table. This avoids re-entry and loss of time.

Your information up-to-date in real-time

Keep track on expense reports status with useful notifications

Process your expense reports faster and more efficiently. Stay informed of the status of your employees’ professional expenses such as the entry of expense, integration of supporting documents, approval, and reimbursement.

Customize notifications related to the activity of your tables and guarantee better traceability and transparency for you and your employees.

Expense Report Management

Track the various expenses of your employees. These may include supplies, travel or accommodation costs, and food costs. When these expenses occur, the company may reimburse them.

Establishing an expense report requires the collection of precise information: the nature of the expense, the date of this expense, the amount excluding tax, including tax. Each expense report must be associated with an identified employee and contain a receipt. Why? Because the company needs to be able to justify these professional expenses in the context of a tax audit, the reimbursement is exempt from social security contributions.

When these expense reports are in paper format, the process reduced to the number of employees quickly becomes time-consuming for the teams in charge (whether in Human Resources, Accounting, or Administrative). Similarly, it takes more work for the company to honor refunds quickly.

The dematerialization of the management of expense reports greatly facilitates and optimizes this management for the company and the employees.

Your table for expense report managing: what to expect?

use RowShare to facilitate the management of expense reports. This ready-made table allows you to:

  • Collect and centralize essential information into your expense reports: These expense reports quickly become complicated when you chase after a receipt or missing data.
  • Rapid processing of professional expenses: to optimize this process, the information must be shareable and shared between the stakeholders (the employee, the administrative team, but also the manager who may need to validate).
  • Traceability of requests and transparency: both the company and the employee must be able to follow the progress of expense reports. Does information need to be included that requires action by the employee? Is the request validated or reimbursed? At a glance, this information should be visible.


Managing business expenses has become easier with RowShare

Simply create your table and share it with your collaborators from this template. When an employee inserts an expense report, you are notified, and the process is launched: verification, validation, and reimbursement. Archive expense reports once business expense processing is complete.

RowShare is a collaborative tool that lets you work together efficiently. On the same table, each stakeholder has actions to carry out (integrate the supporting document, fill in the information, validate, etc.) and can carry them out simultaneously.

Efficient expense report management allows different access to information by the user or group. Thus, the administrative team benefits from a global view of the company’s professional expenses, each employee can only see the expense reports they have entered.

Ensure the confidentiality and strucutre of the data while safegaurding the history of your data.

Be  organized  and work better with Rowshare

Help your team get organized, delegate tasks, and automate data processes without losing sight of the big picture.

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Rowshare makes it easy for teams to collaborate to get the same information in a simple and seamless way. It also provides easy access to stored data! At Rowshare, customer service is also quick and responsive, despite being in New York and Rowshare in France. Read the notice
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Overall, this is the best online collaborative spreadsheet software to date. It is easy to use and has all the important features. Read the notice
Muhammed Anshad K., MIA Arabia
The tool is very user-friendly and can be customized according to the needs which are the most desirable features. Thus, we can perform our daily tasks more easily and efficiently and save valuable time. I also appreciated the customer support they offer. Read the notice
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