Table Templates For Human Resources

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The HR templates you will find below allow professionals in human resources to meet the challenges of their daily operations. From searching for new job applicants to following up with an employee to the implementation of a new training program, these allow you to manage, collect, and centralize information and documents, with complete security and a collaboration approach.

Once you have found the table or survey templates that are right for you, you can customize them to fit with the image of your company, so that they are fully in line with your expectations, and finding them within your business account.

Ready-to-use HR Table Templates in Only a Few Clicks:

Discover All Tables for Human Resources:

Applicant Tracking

Follow the application process of multiple candidates at once, in the same place.

Leave and Absences

Manage employee leave and absences.

Carpooling Organizer

Organize your team’s carpool needs! Schedule it online and save time!

Employee Directory

Easily organize your employees and their administrative data.

Employment Contracts

Save time and avoid errors when creating employment contracts.

Expenses Report

Confidentially record your expenses in this centralized expense report table.

Monthly Report

Get the inside scoop from your employees each month with this quick survey.


Keep it simple and centralized with a timesheet structured by project.

Corporate Entertainment

Facilitate employees’ initiatives on various topics.

Competency Management

Allow everyone to self-evaluate skills relevant to their job.

Weekly Schedule for Employees

Use this template to track your employees’ schedule on a weekly basis.

Employee Training Table

Employee training is essential for developing individuals’ skillsets and growing your business.

Manager Feedback Survey

This survey allows you to obtain a real-time management feedback with your team.

In-House Job Opportunities

This table allows you to visualize all internal job offers at your company

Bonus Review

Keep information about employee bonuses in this table

Monitoring Annual Goals

One row per objective for each employee. With a figure for the percentage of the bonus to be filled in at the beginning of the year and updated when relevant.