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Use our table template to manage your press reviews. Save your time on what is important: collecting your data

Use this template

Automatically generate your press reviews

Input data into your press review automatically

Thanks to Zapier you can connect your RowShare table directly to your favorite  tools (Feedly, Mention or others). Your press reviews will always be up to date and ready to be shared.

Track the activity of your table

Choose to be alerted or not if changes or additions are made to your press review, whether it’s your rows or the whole table.

Managing your press review

Let’s start with the basics; it is a document that identifies and summarizes press coverage (or media in the broad sense)—bringing together articles, reports, and other relevant content on your company, on a specific subject, or particular sector of activity. By grouping all the results in the same table, your press review will quickly show an overview to identify trends and perceptions of your brand or company.

How to create a powerful press review

The press review is a powerful tool for monitoring, evaluating and summarizing information published about your company or your field of activity. A well-constructed press review allows you to stay up-to-date by staying informed, analyzing trends, and sharing important information with your teams.

To construct, several steps are followed to ensure a certain consistency to collect information:

Clearly define your objectives: It is essential to identify the objectives first clearly. Suppose you want to follow news related to your business, monitor information related to your competitors, or follow news from a sector of activity. In that case, it will not be built in the same way. Ensure to collect only relevant information. Organize your information well: Our ready-to-use template may be the right solution to gather the benefits you reap. You can classify the different articles by theme, media, subject, category, and angle and thus make in-depth analyzes of your collected data.

Summarize the information: The objective is to give an overview of the various press coverage of your company. For this, it is important that the different information is synthesized and easy to understand by you and the different people to whom you share it.

Update your press review regularly: Your document can stay updated; a “one-time” record is insufficient. Set a periodicity to update it (daily, weekly, or monthly) according to your needs.

The benefits of a press review.

The RowShare “Press Review” table template is used to simplify your task:

  • Save time: This template is ready-to-go and used by marketing professionals. All the information is already structured. Add the information relevant to your business. Automate the collection of your data by connecting your RowShare table to your favorite monitoring tools via Zapier integration.
  • Centralize all the elements: Attach all the documents you require in your RowShare table. PDF, HTML, Excel… and more).
  • Generate reports in 2 clicks: The “RowMerge” feature generates a PDF report of your table quickly and directly shareable. No need to load your information into a table and create a visual report by copying and paste into Powerpoint or Word. Focus only on collecting your relevant information.

A press review is a high-value tool for monitoring, analyzing, and sharing information about your company or customers. Simplify building your customized table with our ready-to-use templates. 

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