IT and Operating Table Templates

Use the IT and Operations Table Templates

With RowShare, you can manage your IT collaboratively and efficiently without having to use multiple tools and without spending too much money. Large IT departments have comprehensive and expensive software suites to manage all dimensions of IT. For midsize companies with tight budgets and a small service department, RowShare brings you a solution that’s simple to use, affordable and immediate to implement, all managed in the cloud with no operational costs. Centralize all your hardware data to optimize your inventories, manage service incidents or give your customers the ability to report bugs and their urgency in a simple and personalized way.

Benefits of RowShare for Your IT and Operations Departments

Discover all the tables in IT and Operations:

Inventory Listing

Make an efficient in-store inventory with this template.

Bug tracking

Be notified in real time for each new bug.

Hardware Request

Make an efficient in-store inventory with this template.

Incident tracking table

List and manage incidents using this table template. Identify critical tasks, potential risks and anticipate them.