How to Organize and Follow Efficiently Your Administrative Tasks

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Save time by scheduling reminders and be notified when you are about to reach a milestone, when information is added to the table or when the status of your task change.

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Be more productive with our visual tables : keep a clear and quick overview of your tasks and easily identify their current state. You can also add images and other documents to your table.

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Stop chasing after information with unanswered emails. Share your table with your coworkers to let them fill in the information. Assign rows and, while the owner keeps a complete view, decide who sees what.

List and Follow Your Administrative Tasks in a Shared Table

The administrative work of an enterprise assigns certain laborious and repetitive tasks. Therefore, their actualization remains indispensable since most of these actions constitute legal obligations of the enterprise. They can be a lot, involve the totality of the employees, and require continuous renewals in order not to fall in the risk of getting the company to do something illegal. How to guarantee the identification and rigorous compliance with your companies’ administrative proceedings? How to organize these tasks with your administrative team?

Itemizing the administrative tasks of the company’s staff in a collaborative tool allows the administrative or HR team to have access at any moment. To avoid tiredness in the execution of these tasks, the responsibility of this table can be assigned on a rotating schedule to different members of the team, according to a plan. The administrative processes that can appear are for example:

  • the medical examination of the work/workplace,
  • the assignation of workplace access tags,
  • the signature of NDAs,
  • the signature of the internal regulation,
  • the identity card,
  • the residence permit,
  • the work visa.

Advantages of an Optimized Tracking of the Administrative Processes

By using a shared table, the person in charge of its rotation will know the facts only once, when the collaborator is integrated. Thanks to this alert, duplicating a reminder on their agenda will be useless. The tool, properly actualized, will facilitate: the list of facts, the tracking of the administrative tasks, the renewal of official documents before their expiration date and so ensuring that the company is lawful, sharing information between the team.

The simple and immediate implementation of the shared table allows for everybody to win time. Otherwise, depending on what you prefer, it is possible to divide the table’s information beforehand. For example, the tasks of an employee could be established, the department where he works, or even the designation of his manager. At last, these notifications to the employees allow to exploit another valuable side of a company: boost the exchanges between collaborators that didn’t belong to the same service and so giving them the opportunity to build up new relationships. Effectively, the multiplication of interactions in an enterprise is encouraged since it favors the meeting and cohesion between teams. To easily control your administrative processes is possible thanks to the simple tools the market provides. You’ll avoid the old way opting for a unique, shared and centralized tool for your team.

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