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On this page, you will find several templates classified by activity, the most used, to download for free.

You will find an explanation of the collaborative table for each model.

Each table can be opened and modified directly in Excel to take advantage of Excel’s analysis functions: graphs, pivot tables… You will thus benefit from Excel’s unparalleled speed to edit hundreds or thousands of cells while taking advantage of RowShare’s collaborative functions (access management, notifications, rich content…)

Employee Directory

Organize your employees and centralize their details and administrative documents, including contact information and a variety of documents and certificates.

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Centralize data about your computer equipment. List information about employee computer equipment and collect all data necessary in case of failure or incident.

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Team Task Manager

Manage your team’s tasks in a collaborative list to easily track and facilitate progress on a project.

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Contact Lists

Create a contact list and automatically generate vCard visitor’s passes with this simple and efficient way to collect, manage and share contact information.

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Yoga class booking

Want a simple solution for managing students’ reservation and recording their attendance at yoga classes or workshop?

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Event Registrations

Easily manage registrations for professional events.

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Meeting Manager

Manage your team’s tasks in a collaborative list to easily track and facilitate progress on a project.

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Carpooling Organizer

This table is designed for teams who carpool to work. Share spare seats in vehicles with those who are going from a nearby location.

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