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Discover Tables for Human Resources

You’re looking for practical tables to help you monitor applicants, plan vacation time and paid time off, create an updated employee file, store relevant documents, or even automatize the production of recurring documents such as employment contracts and employer certifications, etc.

With RowShare, collect, centralize, and store HR information, do recurring tasks automatically, and gain productivity!

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for HR:

Applicant Tracking - HR Table Template - RowShare

Applicant Tracking

Leave and Absences - HR Table Template - RowShare

Leave and Absences

Carpooling Organizer - HR Table Template - RowShare

Carpooling Organizer

Discover Tables for Project Management

Get an overview of projects, monitor their progress, verify that tasks are being completed to meet deadlines, resources, and costs, but also support requests during the testing or production phases.

RowShare is a wonderful tool to help with agile project management to instantly visualize the status of every task and represent in graphics the progress level of tasks underway, all while assigning responsibility to every stakeholder in monitoring their actions and updating their status.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for Projects:

Projet Portfolio - Project Template - RowShare

Project Portfolio

Mobile App Project - Project Template - RowShare

Mobile App Project

Team Task Manager - Project Template - RowShare

Team Tasks Management

Discover Tables for Finance & Accounting

With budget planning, monitoring purchases, issuing invoices, and collections, there is sure to be a table that meets your needs.

Accountants and auditors use RowShare to examine charges and fixed assets, including payroll, but also products, debts, etc. They can consolidate all financial data together and issue closing documents. RowShare provides a structured process, assistance with monitoring and tracing selected elements, including the possibility to attach files to every line in the table.

Top 3 of the most popular tables for Finance:

SUpplier Contract - Financial Template - RowShare

Supplier Contract

Budget Management - Financial Template - RowShare

Budget Management

Financial Monitoring - FInancial Templates - RowShare

Financial indicators

Discover Tables for Sales

Manage opportunities, create automatic lead follow-ups, calculate commissions and compensation variables for your sales force, or even monitor profits for each of your clients.

RowShare helps you centralize all this information into one or several easy-to-use dashboards, distribute leads between sales reps by assigning them the appropriate lines, and share information to the right people thanks to the smart management of access rights to make sure that each stakeholder can only see the information pertaining to them.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for Sales:

LEad Tracking - Sales Template - RowShare

Lead Tracking

Sales Forecast Tracker - Sales Template - RowShare

Sales Forecast

Margin Tracker - Sales Template - RowShare

Margin Tracker

Discover Tables for Administration

Classify documents for each employee in order to easily ensure that you get an end-of-year inventory, verify appointments for the management or sales team, or even monitor sign-ups for annual events. RowShare helps you gradually centralize important information relating to your business, share this information with the right people, follow up on expected feedback actions using notifications, and be able to report to your managers when requested.

Thanks to bi-directional synchronization with Microsoft® Office Excel, you can present highly visual dashboards or graphics at any time.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for Admin:

Inventory - Admin Template - RowShare

Inventory Process

Event Registration - Admin Template - RowShare

Event Registrations

Admin Process Tracker - Admin Template - RowShare

Admin Process Tracker

Discover Tables for Marketing

Teamwork is an essential aspect in successful marketing actions, so it’s important that information about editorial content, article briefs, relevant campaigns and budgets, or even scheduling posts for social networks to be shared by all people involved. Dashboards are available at all times from anywhere in order to facilitate collaboration and interact with your sales reps in order to adjust communication at any time depending on the objectives. RowShare helps you to easily work as a team at the same time with reference information that is always up-to-date.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for Marketing:

Editorial Calendar - Marketing Template - RowShare

Editorial calendar

Content Brief - Marketing Template - RowShare

Content Brief

Marketing Budget - Marketing Template - RowShare

Marketing Budget

Discover Tables for Ticket Tracking

With RowShare, track and manage all types of requests and tickets : customer or interneal requests, bug or incident trackers, etc. Build an efficient process with a tool easy-to-use and improve customer satisfaction.

Centralize all the necessary information to handle requests quickly, manage service incidents or give your customers the ability to report bugs and their urgency in a simple and personalized way.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for ticket tracking:

Incident Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Incident Tracking

Bug Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

BugnTracking Table

Office Supply Request - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Office supply and hardware request

Discover Tables for Associations

Monitor member registration, centralize information such as license numbers, store documents such as medical certificates, or even schedule meetings or events. These are some of the key processes that need to be done by associations, but which are sometimes difficult to accomplish, especially when the subject is only brought up at certain times of the year.

RowShare can help you share the task of collecting information directly with members, significantly lifting the burden of the person in charge of centralizing information, who are often volunteers. Members can then find updated information in a simple, easy-to-access location at any time.

Top 3 of the Most Popular Tables for Clubs:

Club Member Directory - Club Table Templates - RowShare

Club Member Directory

Event Attendance - Club Table Templates - RowShare

Event Attendance

Class Booking - Club Table Templates - RowShare

Class Booking

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