At the heart of our product: Support and Coaching Solutions.

While more and more users find themselves alone with their tools without access to help, we offer real support to our customers. We not only help our clients getting started with RowShare, but also value long-term follow-up.

We provide “à la carte” support tailored to your needs, provided when you need it.

Antoine Driard at Rowshare
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A custom onboarding to kickstart your journey.
Discover our workshops and our solutions around your data.
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As need arises

Already using RowShare ? Perfect !
We help you optimize its use, through dedicated sessions and audits. Lets go further, together.
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We offer various training sessions to make sure it is relevant with the maturity of your users and how you will use the training session.
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Product evolution

A unique need ? Our team develop or adapt features for a perfect fit with your processes.
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On top of that? Unlimited support for our clients.

A quick question on how to use RowShare ? Don't get stuck. Contact support ! Our team will answer to your email or chat very quickly. This help is unlimited for all our clients.
We seldom used support but our experience is positive. The support team is always available and pleasant.” _ Secom
Workshops Rowshare


Lets adjust together RowShare to your needs.

Your needs are specific: how can you best meet them, right from the start? Let’s take the time, together, to see things more clearly.

The workshop allows our experts to understand your issues and translate them into concrete actions within RowShare. We make your environment evolve: for a more adapted and exploitable solution. As soon as the meeting is over. From $150.

What king of workshops are we offering ?

A good basis is essential : we set up your entire RowShare account and environment.
From an existing table or from the understanding of your needs, we create your RowShare tables and set up the associated graphics. For an optimal architecture, relevant highlighting and quickly usable reports.
On your way to processes digitalization ? Perfect. Let’s discover together how to translate them within your RowShare environment. And how to optimize them.
We can take a look at your existing processes and see how RowShare can help you track, secure and automate them.
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Sébastien Romand, Founder

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Concerning RowMerge, I quickly saw its value and what it could change for me. With the tutorials, I could have set it up. But it is not my job and I do not have the time. So I got in touch with the support team who did it for me and created a customized solution.

5 stars rated

Jean-Pierre Vimard

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Since we weren’t yet aware of RowShare, we spent a few hours on the phone with the RowShare team to take advantage of best practices and to create and organize the tables. Since then, we have been autonomous.

Your data

Your data are precious. Lets make sure they are properly integrated.

Importing data into RowShare is simple. Is it always so simple when the amount of data is very important and when it comes from multiple sources?

Because the process can become complex and time-consuming, we help you audit, structure and migrate your data.

From $250.

What solutions do we offer around your data ?

Can you import you data as it is or should you normalize them before ?
Depending on the amount of data and the level of requirement desired, it can be necessarybe to structure and standardize your data first. To make sure that it can be analyzed later. Entrust your data to our team. We will take great care of them.
From one or multiple sources, our team will handle their migration to your RowShare tables. Not just a simple import, we make sure that each information will be exploitable and exploited at best within your environment.
Your datas are properly secured
Training Rowshare


Transfer of knowledge. From us to you. And your team.

We are where you need us. Our training courses are specific and personalized to your tables and your data. And they are carried out according to your expectations. So that you and your users can benefit from a contextualized and relevant transfer of knowledge.

From $250.

What types of training would you like to set up?

Depending on the role and access granted to the people benefiting from the training, the information presented will be different. Our speech is adapted speech and we make sure to transfer the right information to the right people. At the end of the training, users understand RowShare in general and the tables they will use in particular.
Our training can be carried out remotely at the time of your choice. Beyond the training, your users will be able to exchange directly with the trainer. If it is a recurring training or if it is difficult to gather your users at the same time, we can also record the training. A video you can play whenever you need it.


Occasional or regular help. As need arises.

Throughout your use, our team remains available. To accompany you, during the evolution of your processes. To optimize your use, based on best practices identified by our team. To bring you the help, regular or occasional, that you or your team need.

From $150 for a one-off session and $100 for regular sessions.

What types of support do we offer?

Help sessions Rowshare
Rowshare evolutions

Product evolution

For your specific needs. Lets go a step further.

With RowShare, we want to streamline your processes, however specific they may be. That’s why our development team can adapt features or develop new ones to integrate perfectly with your third-party tools or your way of working.

Adaptations of our product can be small. But they always make the difference for our customers.

Collaborative, simple and reliable.

RowShare is the first spreadsheet designed especially for managing projects and organizing administrative tasks.

RowShare simplifies and automates HR, project management and sales processes for small to medium businesses, as well as certain departments of large companies. We help companies transition their operational management, thanks to collaborative, simple, and trustworthy software, with a human touch.