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RowShare Business is a collaborative shared space that include more features than the free version: advanced security management, dedicated support, a private shared workspace to store and share larger tables, and more.
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Online Tables for Team Collaboration

RowShare helps to synchronize your teams in an environment that’s easy for everyone : collaborative tables.

Effective and accessible online, it keeps teams informed, helps them focus on their tasks, and controls data with different access rights.

Hierarchical Permissions

Managers will benefit from the sum of the access rights of their team. They can see and edit anything their team members have access to.

Access Control

Browse your collaborative workspace to find your own tables and those shared with you.

Confidentiality control

Define groups of users and control precisely who can access what, table by table or row by row. Easily manage newcomers, departures and role changes.

Push the Boundaries and Try RowShare Business for Free for 30 Days

The RowShare Business version gives you access to a privileged and secure space for your business.

Find all your tables in one place and group them easily into folders.

Give different access rights by folder, and ensure that only members of your organization will have access to this secure area.

No need to save changes each row that you or your team adds will be automatically saved. Create different access levels.

Administrators can access all rows in all tables, add and remove users and modify the subscription.

30-day free trial

You’ll find a summary of the differences between the free version and Rowshare Business below.

Note that you can try RowShare Business for free. If you choose to purchase a paid subscription, it can be stopped at any time.


Occasional sharing
Tables embedded in your site With RowShare logoWith or without logo
Data Retention  90 days of inactivityUnlimited
Secure Collaborative Workspace to Share Tables
User and Groups Management  
Table Co-Owners  
Integrated with BI 
Table Bin
Integration with 1,000+ Apps with Zapier
Number of Tables550/user
Rows per Table2,00010,000
Picture and File Size  3 MB10 MB
Table Size  100 MB1 GB

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