Objectives and challenges of a recruitment process

Outsourcing or insourcing: which is a better choice for recruitment?

Recruitment encompasses the entire process of filling available positions in a company. This process can be managed internally or outsourced to a recruitment agency.

Either option can be successful, so many companies face with the dilemma of choosing between insourcing or outsourcing the recruitment of future employees.

With sites like LinkedIn or Viadeo or social networks, it has become much easier to handle recruitment internally. For follow-up, the person in charge of recruitment can create a summary table that displays the various pieces of information necessary to make the right choice.

Nevertheless, going through a recruitment agency may be necessary to address certain issues, such as searching for a specific profile. An agency has the ability to attract candidates who might not have spontaneously considered the company; agencies also specialize by sector and function, which can facilitate a search.

Our clients talk about Rowshare
  • “The most important thing that resolved us to use Rowshare was in one hand, the easiness of use and in the other hand the simple way to handle permissions and groups of users, something that was a must for us.”

  • ” In addition to saving time and improving the quality of our business information, RowShare brings peace of mind to our partners and enhances our business relationship with them. You can’t put a price on that!”

  • “We tried Excel, Google Sheets and Airtable, but they didn’t do the job with regards to letting users see only a part of the table while we see everything. Only RowShare could do that.”

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