How to Set Up a Schedule Tracking Table

Tracking working hours is especially important when employees start to work more flexible schedules. This flexibility can be explained through the company’s development. Often employees who are in different locations collaborate remotely on the same projects. Today, managers need to adapt to this trend by trusting their employees to manage and self-report their working hours. What are the advantages of giving autonomy to teams around tracking their work schedules? How can a collaborative table help to implement this approach and how can it be implemented and monitored? 

Let Your Employees Be Independent in Their Time Management

It is difficult for a manager to track employees’ working hours, especially when they work from different locations. To address this geographical issue, each team member can facilitate reporting by managing and reporting their own work schedules. There are numerous benefits:

  • Employees feel less controlled and more independent, which increases their level of trust of their manager and encourages them to be more involved in the manager’s operational objectives.
  • The manager gains more free time, as documenting and checking working hours is no longer a routine daily or weekly task.
  • Based on the collected data, the manager can anticipate the organization of tasks within the team by tracking the remaining working hours.
  • The manager benefits from an overview of the hours the team has already worked, which supports better operational management.
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How Can a Schedule Tracking Table Help?

Daily reporting is a time-consuming task that can be prone to errors. The use of a table can facilitate the entry of data in quantity. And if this table is a shared tool, this data is automatically centralized.

This centralized tool should allow each employee to have access only to information that is specifically granted to them, maintaining confidentiality of their personal data. Because of these row- and column-specific permissions, all employees may use the tool, regardless of their department or function. Managers and employees may at any time consult, enter, modify, or validate the elements of the table, according to their access permissions. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the table is simple to use and the data is easily readable. In addition, it is possible to create a column for comments.

What Elements Should Appear in the Schedule Tracking Table?

Using a weekly monitoring table is also beneficial to the Human Resources department, as it has access to the hours worked by each employee at the company. Depending on the employment contracts, the number of legal hours each employee works per day and week varies. Contractual obligations can be easily configured in the tool, which can automatically display the “remaining hours” after the “Number of hours worked” field has been completed.

For example, the shared table might have the following information:

  • Employee’s name
  • Manager’s name
  • Department or unit (Finance, Marketing, Logistics, etc.)
  • Number of worked hours
  • Number of remaining hours
  • Number of overtime hours worked
  • Premium rate on overtime
  • Number of hours off
  • Number of sick hours
  • Proof of sick leave (to be attached)
  • Comments

With an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use tool like RowShare’s shared tracking chart, you instantly engage your teams in tracking their own hours of work independently.

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