Employee Time Management: Which Tool to Use?

Tracking the time your employees and contractors work time can be a time-consuming task, and it must be carried out consistently, accurately, and on a tight schedule. While ensuring that your staff is paid properly and on time, managing reported time also ensures your company’s compliance with the legal framework imposed by employment contracts and is an input into the tax withholding and benefits systems. Depending on their responsibilities and tasks, employees work a different number of hours per week. In addition, optimizing employee work time can be an effective way to organize the daily life of your team, increasing the company’s productivity. How to optimize the working time management at your company? What elements need to be considered? Which tool is the right one to choose? Discover the benefits of a collaborative tool that meets operational and HR needs.

Optimizing Time Management Makes Your Business More Productive

Employee Work Time Management: Elements to Consider

At most companies, Human Resources is administratively responsible for monitoring employees’ reported work time. The management of these data must follow a strict weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly schedule to ensure that employees are paid on time. Using a shared table within the HR team facilitates this operation. The table might include the following items:

  • hours present
  • hours absent
  • hours worked overtime
  • delegation hours for staff representatives
  • break time
  • sick time and personal time taken, if your company tracks them separately
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Monitoring Working Time: A Winning Formula for the Employer and the Employee

By using a collaborative tool, managers can easily track the time their teams work. Because the data are updated constantly over short periods of time, they give managers the accurate information they need to adjust the workload of each team member. In addition, the legal dimension of contractor management is facilitated when the hours worked are monitored closely. If employees are given access to their own data, they can also track their paid time off in real time.

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5 Benefits of RowShare


A shared table provides managers and employees the same level of information on the listed data. If one of the parties notes an error, they can immediately correct it. This transparency in data sharing defuses misunderstandings or tensions that can sometimes arise between managers and their staff about worked hours.


Being able to centralize data in a single location facilitates the process of data collection and prevents errors. In addition, having a shared table means you will have a data archive with a searchable history.


The data are secure and remain confidential, due to the access rights managed by the person with administrative responsibility for the table. Tables can be set up so that employees can see their own data but not the information of their colleagues.

Collaborative Dimension

The collaborative dimension of the shared table encourages a participatory approach to working time management. Employees provide their data in real time, and the manager and HR team later validate each employee’s information.

Time Savings

Data centralization, error reduction, and data consultation in real time are all factors that reduce the amount of time managers and HR staff spend managing employee time data. This valuable time can be reallocated to tasks with higher added value.

Tracking and managing employees’ time worked provides managers with a good overview of their team’s work patterns. By using a collaborative tool, they can both engage their teams and work closely with the Human Resources team responsible for personnel and payroll administration.

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