The Benefits of Working on Collaborative Platforms

A collaborative working platform lets you organize your work more efficiently. The proximity of the tools and ease of communication between users are the main factors of this efficiency.

Furthermore, the simplicity and numerous features this type of collaborative tool offered helps to provide optimal project management.

It will facilitate coordination and work between your teams thanks to very simple information sharing (documents, contacts, tasks, PDFs, etc.).

Also, this type of collaborative tool often benefits from applications that can facilitate communication within the various entities of the company (email, chat, etc.).

Note that several users can log in at the same time and update information within this type of platform in real time.

Before choosing a collaborative platform, you’ll need to assess a few essential criteria.

Free or paid tools?

There are collaborative platforms that are available for free, but you need to understand their limitations. A free platform will surely be enough for a startup, but not for a company that has been on the market for several years.

In fact, as soon as you have a team, it often becomes necessary to switch to a subscription service in order to access all the available features.

It is important to take into account the shared storage space. This will help all stakeholders in a project to upload or download one or several files at any time from any terminal, so space needs to be sufficient for all the members of a team.

There’s also confidentiality and data security to be considered. These will be guaranteed in a paid version, but not necessarily in a free version.

This is an important criterion to be accounted for when choosing between a free or paid collaborative platform for your company. The data exchanged during a project may be sensitive to the company. This is why security and confidentiality are key issues that mustn’t be ignored.

One alternative would be to try out the tool for free, then switch to the paid version once you find out which one will fully meet your needs.

Online collaborative working at the heart of companies

Online collaborative work creates real cohesion between your teams by bringing your employees, your computer tools, and your knowledge together within the same environment.

You’ll need to try out several tools and verify that they do correspond to the needs of your team members and your business, ask your employees to test the product since they’re the ones who will be using it every day, so it’s important to get their feedback.

Collaborative working spaces are a necessary change for companies

Mutual assistance and collaboration within a company have changed a lot in the past decade, and changes have taken place both with the tools but also within the very companies themselves.

Your employees have a participative working space where they can quickly find information and work more efficiently.

Nowadays, the office is nothing like what it was in the past, just like tools that are used have nothing in common with those from previous generations.

The office layout and working spaces have changed the same way as our jobs which have changed and our scope of action has expanded.

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