4 Collaborative Tools Useful to Boost Your Productivity

Why have collaborative tools become so indispensable to modern businesses? Technology development is driving major changes, transforming the way teams work together and where they are located. Managers have to adapt to the new rules of the game, which requires remote work, effective coordination among employees located at different sites, strong synergy, and immediate responsiveness in the collaboration of teams. What are the best collaborative tools? What features are essential to meeting these new challenges? There is certainly no shortage of choices on the market. However, it’s important to opt for tools that meet the specific needs of your business. In this article, discover a selection of 4 collaborative tools that will make teamwork easier in your workplace.

A Collaborative Tool to Schedule Your Meetings

Sharing daily agendas within a team is essential, especially if the team members are not located on the same site or if they travel often. Whether you’re organizing meetings for a large number of participants or simply consulting a colleague’s availability for a brief chat, shared schedules are key to efficiency. In addition, it is essential that the managers of various departments and offices give access to their agendas to the recruitment teams who are in charge of scheduling interviews. The recruitment department is often based at the company’s head office, and their teams may be responsible for recruiting employees for several different departments within the organization. Without shared schedules, their work can become a time-consuming logjam of scheduling emails and phone calls.

The Google Calendar tool can be an effective option to address this need. It is simple to use and therefore does not require any additional training.

The Collaborative Tool That Centralizes and Stores Data

Increasing amounts of information circulate within an organization today. This is partly due to the staff’s access to technology, and our ability to easily share documents, data, graphics, and video and audio files. To control all these data flows, it is essential to be able to centralize the data in order to

  • preserve its confidentiality
  • store information in one place
  • maintain a single “master” file
  • share data easily whenever needed

The DropBox tool fulfills these functions. It installs quickly and simply and it is easy to use.

The Collaborative Communication Tool

When team members work at a distance, team members often realize they need to up their communication game. They must ensure that they all have the same level of information whenever they need it—especially if they’re working asynchronously. The success of the project depends on it.

To facilitate both real-time and asynchronous exchanges, the Slack tool offers a shared communication platform. Depending on the working groups you participate in or the topic to be discussed, you can interact instantly with your colleagues. With this tool, communication becomes fast and fluid, and allows new connections to be created between teams.

The Collaborative Tool That Combines Several Key Features

Opting for several tools that each offer a specific feature is one approach to ensuring good collaboration. However, it may be even wiser to choose a single collaborative tool that combines the features most useful for teamwork in one solution. RowShare offers this option. The RowShare tool:

  • acts as a monitoring table for team communication
  • is similar to any project management tool
  • permits user-specific access rights to be granted in order to maintain the right level of data confidentiality
  • allows you to centralize and archive data

The right collaborative tool will meet all the company’s needs. Above all, it prevents the inappropriate spread of information and garners considerable time savings for employees. Choosing the right collaborative tool ultimately helps to improve the company’s performance.

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