Do you ever need to arrange information on your website in a tabular format? Some people often need to embed Excel tables in a webpage. Embedding your work in Excel to HTML table is indeed a quick way to organize and display some data, be it product features, survey results, an online calendar or any other content that’s best represented in a clear table layout.

HTML Tables vs Online Tables

There are several ways to embed a table in your website, but two most often used methods are by creating your own HTML table and by embedding an online table. People tend to choose the second option as a way to embed interactive Excel spreadsheets in web page. So, HTML table or online table? Let’s look at some of the key differences.

1. Integration

  • To embed an HTML table in your website, you need to understand some basic HTML codes. If you are not too familiar with HTML, then this is probably not the best option.
  • For online tables, you don’t need to do any HTML. They usually come with a-simple-to-copy-paste Iframe link.

2. Updating Your Tables

Imagine the following scenario: You are a manager who want to share your workschedule with your team through a table on a website or a blog, and you need to regulary update the table as your schedule changes.

When it comes to modifying HTML tables, the biggest challenge is having to modify the actual website in which your tables are embedded.

This poses several potential challenges: Who is responsible for the modification? Is it the admin of the website? Or you as the table owner?

Let’s look at it from both sides:

  • If you, as the owner of the table do it yourself, then the website’s admin must give you editing rights to the website. But, there is a risk if you are not fully familiar with the entire codebase that your website is built on, you might inadvertently break something that makes your website unusable.
  • On the other hand, perhaps the administrator of the website is the only one having editing access. As the result, your website might be more secure, but it comes at the cost of speed and simplicity. You now must communicate each and every update to your administrator and wait for them to implement it.

The first case is scary, and the second one is slow and complicated. Fortunately, there is a way that is speedy, simple and safe.

Unlike the HTML tables, most online tables allow you to modify them without having to go anywhere near your website code. Change something directly in an online table and the corresponding information in the embedded versions will be updated automatically. There is no need to edit the actual website containing the embedded table at all. In this way, you have complete control over making changes, but you have no risk of accidentally breaking your website structure.

3. Interactive Functionality

  • HTML tables are static. That means that any interactivity such as sorting, filtering or downloading files from the table is just not possible.
  • On the other hand, online tables offer far more potential when it comes to interactivity. That said, not all online tables are created equal and not all of them offer an interactive interface when embedded in a website. Some of the features available in your original table, might be lost if the online version only offers a static interface.

So, crunch time: Which online table best suits your needs?

Man working on laptop in office

Is There Any Alternate Way Other Than to Embed Excel in Web Pages?

Yes: an interactive online table that you can easily embed in your website. Something that allows you to use its many features: downloading images, sorting, filtering, you name it! A solution that allows you to modify information directly in the original table and your embedded table will be updated automatically.

RowShare, a free online collaborative table, does all that and more. Go ahead, create your table in RowShare, and then you add it to your website in just a few clicks:

1. Click on the “Embed” above your RowShare table

2. Copy your HTML code

3. Paste it to your website HTML page

It couldn’t be simpler, and if you still need a few pointers, here’s a quick video tutorial!

Updating is as easy as updating the original RowShare table! You can also decide who can modify your RowShare table by editing the access rights. Moreover, you can even be notified when somebody else modifies your table.

When the data of your RowShare table is modified, the embedded table on your website is updated automatically. There is no need to edit the website containing the table.

Additionally, as an interactive table on your web site, RowShare allows you to download images and files, as well as sort and filter your table directly in your website.

you also have a link included in the embedded table allowing your visitors to open the table in the RowShare application. To costumize this behavior or to hide the link and the RowShare logo in your embedded table, have a look at our RowShare Business subscription offers.

Tip: If you work in Microsoft Excel, RowShare makes it possible for you to do an Excel Sync!

All that’s left to be said is: Happy RowSharing!