A key element of merchandising, Point-of-Sale (POS) marketing is precisely intended to be different from an online shopping experience. If well organized, its results are well worth the effort in an era when the digital is king. Designing a POS advertisement requires expertise in project management. Each parameter of the POS display is thought of, debated, decided, and put in place for the sole purpose of encouraging purchase. How to best plan a point-of-sale advertisement? How to optimize project management to achieve sales growth?

Setting up a POS advertisement | A well thought-out process

In most cases, the different types of POS advertisements are displayed for a limited time. Their installations often require a significant budget, hence the importance of meticulously organizing these communications. Start by defining the objective of your POS display:
  • Attracting client interest to your product;
  • Promoting purchase by dissipating the consumer’s last doubts;
  • Orienting the client in his purchasing journey.
Once this objective is clearly set, the deadlines and availabilities of the contributors to the project must be evaluated. Depending on the complexity of the POS display, it is prudent to start planning several months in advance. The stakes are high. The person in charge of the POS advertisement would do well to use the appropriate tools. As such, he orchestrates each element by associating a person in charge and an implementation deadline:
  • Marketing department: designing the slogan, posters, and leaflets, ordering the communication accessories;
  • Sales department: designing the sales pitch, forecasting the commercial presence for the first week of launch;
  • General department: managing the suppliers for the reservation of counter displays, floor displays, and touch screens.
Use our Point Of Sale advertising template. Each department manager will easily be able to access the collaborative table and edit it in real time. The progress of the project will be visible at a glance for each contributor.

The successful launch of a POS advertisement | Tips

D day has arrived… finally! After long weeks of designing and coordinating, it is time to launch the POS display. The first few days are critical, therefore, it is essential to plan each day, hour by hour. Upstream, the centralization of this detailed planning in a shared table will facilitate each contributor’s understanding of the precise tasks he is responsible for:
  • Installation of the fixed equipment;
  • Modification of the location of the marketing supports throughout the day;
  • Attendance of the commercial animation sessions: interactions to be favored during peak hours;
  • Presence of the POS manager to collect impressions on the ground, etc.
As such, POS advertising is akin to an interactive communication campaign during which company contributors come in direct contact with their customers. The quality of the realization of the POS advertisement undeniably impacts the company’s credibility.   Marketing your products in a physical store is a major asset for any company willing to invest in a well-designed Point-of-Sale Advertisement. Don’t wait any longer and use the collaborative tables offered by RowShare.