For project managers, handling projects can be tough. It requires management skills, flexibility, dynamism, creativity but above all, organizational skills. You need to be very efficient especially when you have many things to do in the project, from brainstorming with all team members, handling tasks to planning assignment’s deadline of each team member. To better manage your team project, you need to build accountability on your team. When the work environment is designed for accountability, it will flourish. By setting a progress timeline in place, all team members will move forward with their accountability plans.

Many Tools, Many Limitations

Project management requires a great collaboration of its team members. There is a wide range of tools available offering solutions to help you collaborate with your team: Excel, spreadsheet online, project management tools, etc.

Traditional versions of Excel specialize more in data analysis, it doesn’t allow you to control how you share your data with your collaborators. Its collaborators will have access to the entire information. If there are rows containing sensitive information, you cannot hide them.

While spreadsheet online allow several users to work at the same time, it limits users to edit a file when other user is editing it. “This file is lock for editing by another user”. Isn’t this frustrating?

On the other hand, project management tools can sometimes be complicated, yet people often think they need a complicated tool to help them manage their project. Then, they usually end up being overwhelmed by excessive functionalities of project management tool they use.

If there is a simpler and more efficient alternative, how about going simple?

Simple Solution

One of the challenges of working in a team project is to keep track of what is on each team member’s plate. You cannot separate project with its progress. If you are looking for a tool to track your team’s progress, then you have come to the right place! As a simple and efficient online collaborative table, RowShare steps in to help you organize your team collaboration.

Often, only project managers update the work progress for all team members, but if each team member can edit his/her tasks, isn’t it better? RowShare makes it possible with its sharing settings functionality.

  • If you are a project manager who wants to share certain information to certain team members and you want your team members to see and edit only their own tasks, of course you can only show the lines or columns assigned to them.
  • If you are a project manager who encourages collaboration and information sharing within their team project and you want to have a table where all team members can see everyone else’s tasks at a glance, but you don’t want to allow them to edit their colleagues’ tasks, you can do it too.
  • If you are a project manager who wants to give all your team members access to see everything and edit everything, in this case, anyone can go as far as editing their colleagues’ tasks, you can absolutely do it.

Whichever one of these three types of managers you are, you will find what your heart desires. RowShare makes all possible. Its automatic access rights feature is designed to adapt to your needs.

Track Your Project Progress Now

Come together as a team to revise your team project’s timeline and progress. With its Project Progress table, RowShare can save your time tracking each team member’s progress. You can use this table to divide project stages and tasks, and assign to specific team members by:

1. Creating a task

2. Setting its deadline

3. Assigning the task to a team member

The task owner can update the progress of his/her work by editing the status of the work as to doin progress, or done. You and your team decide!

Sharing centralized information and communicating together becomes easier, which is the key to a great team work. That way, you can better understand the problems faced by each team member, and collaborate smarter as a team. It makes collaboration simpler.

“As a project manager, I have often sought a quick and easy way to share the project progress not only within the project team but also with stakeholders. RowShare makes it possible to share progress at tasks levels in an efficient and collaborative way. Plus, I can hide some information from people outside the team easily.” -Thomas Ledan