Employees from IT systems department works daily in two areas: IT projects and IT support for the company’s business units. Most of the time, these projects require several resources with varied skills. Whether technical, functional or soft skills, all are fundamental for an IT plan to run smoothly. How can you coordinate these talents to ensure the success of these projects? How can you manage your IT activity in the most efficient way?

Managing IT service providers

In an IT project, management of resources is often made at two levels: that of the company’s employees and that of the external IT providers. As it turns out, the complexity of certain IT projects requires certain skills that cannot be found within the company. Under those circumstances, reaching out to external consultants becomes necessary. To ensure the project runs smoothly, the IT project manager is well advised to monitor the consultants’ services. As a matter of fact, several parameters must be seriously considered in order not to compromise the success of the project:

  • Average Daily Rates (ADR): the price for a day of services, which has a direct impact on the project’s budget.
  • Presence of external providers: their absences must be considered during planning, respecting the least constraining phases of the project.
  • Administrative management: knowing the termination dates of service agreements makes it possible to plan for the hiring of new service providers.

By managing resources this way, the project manager minimizes certain easily predictable risks and ensures greater peace of mind in the daily work of team members.

Operational organization and formalization of the stages of IT projects

The IT project manager puts their interpersonal, communication and organizational skills to the service of the project.  Their rigor in the management of IT or digital projects will determine how smoothly the project advances. With the help of planning tools, the project manager can easily establish:

  • Meeting dates fixed in advance: the minutes can then be put together on a dedicated shared table.
  • Monitoring of the IT budget: project risks can cause the initial budget to increase (e.g., team turnover or deadlines that are not respected at certain phases).
  • Formalization of documents: the profiles making up the IT project are varied. In an IT project some people speak the Java programming language while others are working on new business features. In order to facilitate access to information, each party must be able to find all necessary elements (whether technical or functional) to advance their work. In addition, the formalization of documents will be useful for later projects and will save considerable time.

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Otherwise to their centralized management, the IT project manager may propose that each team member manages their own tool in order to monitor the progress of their tasks daily.

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