Wedding planning is a lucrative, fast-growing career

Warm weather is on its way, along with lots of weddings. Naturally, many future newlyweds are dreaming of a ceremony that goes off without a hitch.

As a wedding planner, your role will be to plan the wedding and take care of the entire preparation process to make it an unforgettable day.

How to plan a wedding from A to Z

Before the wedding, a wedding planner’s role will be to select all the service providers (catering, florist, DJ or band, venue, etc.) and collect their quotes and contracts, to plan the overall ceremony and reception (logistics, security, timing, etc.), and keep it all within the budget set by the future newlyweds.

A collaborative table with the service providers chosen for the wedding will help make communication between the organizer and the clients so much easier.

Back to basics: Preparing the perfect wedding

A wedding planner must think through everything, all while considering the couple’s budget.

Facilitate the couple’s choice of service providers

Typically a wedding planner has already set up a database of contacts and service providers that they can recommend to couples.

Once again, the collaborative table comes into play. This list of all the potential service providers can by accessed by the couple after they receive a link in an email. They can then indicate their choice for each proposed provider: meet with the service provider, think about it, validate, or reject the proposal.

Adding service provider quotes to the table will enable them to make a decision based on a price comparison.

After approval, the wedding planner will set up appointments. Then, the client will select the service providers they want and confirm them in the table.

The wedding planner will be notified as soon as the couple makes a decision or validates a service provider. If they want to, the couple can be notified via email whenever the planner submits a new option for their consideration.


Use this template to choose providers for your clients’ wedding.

Share the planning progress in real time

Avoid constant trips back and forth and miscommunications with the future couple by giving them real-time access to the services they choose.

Do away with useless emails by sharing a table that lists quotes, invoices, and copies of all relevant communication.

Monitor, share, and stick to the budget

You can estimate a preliminary budget from a list. Then, as the choices of service providers are made, you’ll update the table of wedding expenses.

Your collaborative table will automatically create quotes with payment due dates, deposits paid, or any other useful information.

Save time by creating sample questions

Create questionnaire templates, for example, to find out what the future newlyweds expect for their ceremony or the reception.

This type of survey can also help the future spouses find out what their guests will be expecting. For example, they can send out a survey to their guests with 2 or 3 menu choices in order to plan for alternatives for those with special dietary needs.

On the wedding day, it’s important to supervise all participants (service providers and guests) in order to make sure that the schedule is followed, and to resolve any of those surprises that always pop up in this type of event!

The wedding planner’s job is not a restful one, which is why it’s important to be well organized.

Additional tips for developing your wedding planner business

Find other tips that wedding planners use to get themselves out there and improve their name recognition.

Communication: Send satisfaction surveys to clients, screenshot emails with permission from contacts, and contact prospects via email.

Quotes/Billing: Use our templates to automate the creation of quotes and invoices. Customize your templates for quotes, invoices, and letters, and your documents will be generated automatically.

Stock/Catalog: If you have the space, create catalogs with fabric swatches for decorating the venue, sample guest invitations, or even pictures of weddings you have planned previously. This will save you time when presenting your expertise to clients.

Ready to take on the challenge and use all your wedding planning powers to make your future clients’ dreams come true? Let’s go!

Choose providers for your clients’ wedding.