Aaah… Vacations! How we love to enjoy them…
But how nice it would be if we could organize them easily! Where’s the problem?
Not everyone has the same idea of a perfect vacation.

How can you make everyone happy?

Is a makeshift raft your current solution?

Usually, each participant has specific ideas and wishes. You try and organize things as best as possible and, at the end of the day, you leave feeling slightly frustrated. Either it’s the most resourceful person who chooses for all the others or you make last-minute choices.
You can also make a list of all the suggestions on a page that you share online, but then you don’t know when there are modifications and a list won’t help you travel.

Once you’ve come to an agreement, how do you share the final program? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could take a look at the activities? But we also want an attractive program! We could draw up a roadmap in Word. But who is going to find time for that?
Once the vacation is over, you’d like to share your adventures in a blog article, but you don’t know how to be concise? I’m going to be your guide. You are going to become an experienced traveler.

Take a cruise ship and come to a peaceful agreement.

What I’m offering here is a user-friendly solution where everyone can add their ideas and vote for other peoples’ ideas. Here is an example of how to organize your vacation:

A practical tool that will have you traveling already

With this table, you will quickly visualize all the ideas on just one page. Let every person add their wishes! Then write down the suggestions.

Forget gray spreadsheets. It’s much more fun and vacation-like.

Collect everyone’s opinions quickly! Know what the others are up to

One of your traveling companions has suggested an idea or added a note to somebody else’s? With RowShare, you no longer need to send out emails left, right and center: you’ll be alerted (without being badgered) whenever someone has a new idea or gives an opinion!

Sharing your trip on your blog

Do you have a travel blog and like to share every detail of your adventures? With RowShare, you can easily insert your table directly into one of your articles. That way, everyone will be able to see the ideas you’ve had. And why not use your table for one of their own trips!

If you change your vacation plans, your article’s table will be automatically updated.

A program to print

Once everyone has shared their opinions and that you’ve come to an agreement, check the selected ideas in the table. You can then easily generate a printable Word document that will transform your entire program into a friendlier layout.

I’d like to plan my vacation with RowShare, how do I do it?

In order to have your own table to organize your vacation with friends, all you need is to go through the following steps. I will guide you through creating an account, copying my example table and customizing it if necessary. You will then be ready to use it.

  1.  Access my table.Duplicate it to have your own. At the same time, sign up. It only takes a few seconds. Click here.
  2. To add a new column, you have to press the “+” on top.
  3. Specify the column type. Don’t worry, you just need to choose if this column will hold numbers, text, dates, email addresses. To learn more about Types, click here.
  4. As owner of the table, you can choose how visible the table are for everyone: read and write or only read. To make the best choice, you can learn more about Permissions here.These authorizations will apply to all of your table’s users to whom you’ll send the link… except yourself, obviously. You want participants to vote and had ideas? Then prefer the following permissions:

    By the way, if you want everyone see everyone’s rows, you’ll prefer the following sharing rights: “can see the lines” and “can add and edit rows”.
  5. Your table is ready to be shared! Send the link directly to the people you want by copying it directly from the browser.
  6. Once you’ve shared your table, RowShare will notify you of every modification. You can change the way you receive notifications at any time in the “My account” section, then “Notifications”. To learn more about notifications, let’s read this summary!
  7. Generate your holidays plans and print it from a Word file. How to do it? everything is said here. Remember, my instance document is already available by clicking on the “documents” icon above your table.
  8. To share your trip on your blog. Click on Share, select the tab Embedded. Here you have your Table HTM code. Copy/Past it on your website HTML on.

Convinced? Take it easy and relax, RowShare will manage it for you.