“I have loads of cooking recipes written down on paper that I copied or cut out here and there, as well as on my computer that I gleaned while browsing the net. I can’t make head or tail out of it all…”

Samuel, 26 years old

Today, I’m going to tackle one of my everyday challenges: sorting out and sharing favorite cooking recipes. First of all, because I think we all agree that sorting out recipes is not an easy task. Between the ones that are in books, those that are strewn around the house, others that are bookmarked as favorites in our web browsers or the ones that are in our email inboxes, not counting the recipe snapshots taken with our smartphones… they are all over the place. Hard to find them when you need them, and as always, you just end up making do with the usual classic recipes.

Sharing them is the same problem. You write one down on a piece of paper, receive one by email… At the end of the day, you lose it.

But that was before. No more frustrated palates!

A ready-to-eat solution!

Thanks to RowShare, you can store and share your recipes easily in one place, accessible anywhere, anytime. Amazing, isn’t it?

Everything’s going to be in apple-pie order.

Forget all about your recipe format issues. Whether it’s a web page, grandma’s cookbook, a photo or Word document – RowShare doesn’t do things by half measures and supports everything. You can add all of your recipes there, and your friends as well.

If you want to make mouths water, add a photo of the result!

Come dine with me

In RowShare, you can add advice, compliments, and even scores. Everything you need to improve your recipes by taking everyone’s advice into account!

You can even sort your recipes by category: appetizer, main course, dessert, etc. This is really handy for using the sort feature later on.

You have a message

And because we’re really sick and tired of constantly having to remind our friends to send us that recipe we love so much, RowShare will take care of that once everyone’s email address has been entered. I take care of everything, so you don’t have to do anything.

You will receive email notifications each time a recipe or a comment is added. And your friends as well. Isn’t life just great?

A tool that will enthrall every gourmet eager to share great tips!

In just one click, you can decide if your recipes should be accessible only to your friends or… to the entire planet. And with one more click, you can choose who is able to add and comment on recipes!

And the advantage of RowShare is that you don’t have to create an account to enjoy the recipes.

Dinner’s ready!

So, is your appetite whetted? I called it my “Food Board” inspired by the food truck fashion. You can call it whatever you like.

I will walk you through account setup, copying my table, customizing it if necessary, and then you’ll be ready to use it.

    1. Access to my table to create your own from my template. Then, click on the « Settings » icon to customize the title and the table’s description.
    2. To add a new column, you have to press the « + » on top.
    3. Specify the column type. Don’t worry, you just need to choose if this column will hold numbers, text, dates, email addresses. To learn more about Types, click here.
    4. As owner of the table, you can choose how visible the table are for everyone: read and write or only read. These authorizations will apply to all of your table’s users to whom you’ll send the link… except yourself, obviously. Click here to learn more about Permissions. If the table is for your entourage, prefer the following sharing rights:But if you want to share to disseminate widely the table, prefer the rights ” cannot edit rows” and set specific members as explained here.
    5. Your table is ready to be shared! Send the link directly to the people you want by copying it directly from the browser.
    6. Once you’ve shared your table, RowShare will notify you of every modification.You can change the way you receive notifications at any time in the “My account” section, then “Notifications”.

Using RowShare is the guarantee to having a list of good recipes: oh, that’s right, they’re your friends’ recipes. What’s more, you can easily plan your future menus, generate your recipes with Word or your grocery list! So, what are you waiting for?

Get cooking!