Three weeks into the launch of the new version of RowShare, as promised earlier, here are some great new features put together by our product team to make RowShare better. Thanks to each and every user for their valuable suggestions!

Among the most remarkable new features and innovations, here are some notable mentions!


Do you like red? Or blue?

RowShare tables color is now customizable to suit your preference. You may now be able to choose between the blue and the red with just a click of the mouse. You can do so by changing the option in your account settings. Choose your color and click save on the bottom of the page.

If you have opted for RowShare Business, you also have options for more classical colors.


RowShare’s priority is always and will always be collaboration. We don’t see ourselves as the clone of Excel, with all its puissance (and complexity). But, since a lot of you have asked, we are proud to present you the calculated column feature of RowShare.

You can add columns of type “Calculated Value” to your table and write down a formula which will be calculated in entire column. This formula works for both texts and numbers, of course by referring to other columns of table.

For example, to add content of column Number 1 with the content of column Number 2, the formula is: [Number 1] + [Number 2].

For more information go to RowShare Help.

More Practical Table Columns

To manage your time better by reducing the number of clicks and to better understand the table in a blink of an eye, RowShare is also excited to present the evolution of its header columns. Now we can find:

  • Icon to sort A to Z, or Z to A and to undo the sorting. It shows you if the sorting is active.
  • Icon to filter and it shows you the columns filtred.
  • Visual indicators to show you:
    • The column is read only
    • The column is read only for contributors
    • The column is hidden
    • Help for the input

And, as they have always been there, the icon to show you the type of information in the column and the gear to access column options.

Access Rights

Automatic access rights is one of RowShare’s strengths. With only few clicks, you can control whether contributors can see and modify your entire table, or can only see several rows they are assigned to.

To inform how you share your tables, you will now see a description of the automatic rights above each table.

We will continue to keep you posted on other innovation and new feature updates coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!