RowShare allows you to collect and centralize information and to ease organization within a team or user group. Become more organized in both your private and professional life, replacing emails sent back and forth, paper notes and Excel files! RowShare is faster to handle than a spreadsheet and much easier to customize than any specialized or vertical software. With RowShare, organizing together gets simpler!

What can I do with RowShare?

Plan your meetings and events, share your passions, and manage your activity by creating and sharing tables with friends and colleagues. Example of areas of application:
  • guest lists
  • alumni directories
  • petitions
  • suggestion boxes
  • group orders
  • sporting bets
And there are many other ideas available in our catalog of ready-to-use templates. You can duplicate each table with or without data to create your own.

How can I do with RowShare?

Thanks to a streamlined, easy to use interface, packed with collaborative and productive features :
  • Ability to share your tables line by line or globally, read-only or read-write
  • Notifications of updates on your tables
  • Visual Attachments (including photos and videos)
  • And the exclusive Excel-sync feature to modify your RowShare Table from Microsoft Excel and combine the power of a spreadsheet with an intelligent organization tool.
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