Draft your marketing budget, track it each month and adjust it to reflect your priorities. Beautiful Numbers, a consulting firm specializing in marketing performance management, helps you optimize how you manage your budget with this collaborative online table.  

Co-managing the marketing budget

Record the forecasted marketing budget in the table, sorting it by objective and by quarter, and assign each budget row to the appropriate owner. The owner is then responsible for updating the row with the actual expenses. Transparency and visibility are at the forefront of this approach—hold your team accountable and automatically consolidate your budget rows. In addition, you can export the table to Microsoft Excel and synchronize your budget with RowShare at any time. This allows you to conduct deeper analyses and easily share the information with accounting and finance.

Agile budget

Marketers must be able to adapt to impromptu decisions to launch campaigns, restart promotional offers and stop poorly performing actions—and almost always within the same budget. With RowShare, each row owner is responsible for updating the forecast and reassessing their budget as needed. As a team, you can discuss priorities and reallocate the budget appropriately. This free template can be used as is or personalized as you see fit. Why RowShare? Béatrice Loriot, founder of Beautiful Numbers, explains:
Managing your marketing budget calls for collaboration and transparency; RowShare makes it easy. Don’t strike fear into the hearts of your employees by asking them to fill out another confusing Excel maze. Forget sending your Excel sheets by email and copy and pasting them to make your budget visible. Keep it simple with RowShare.