The supports allowing the collection of information about customers are powerful marketing tools. Surveys, questionnaires, satisfaction surveys or information forms represent a gold mine of data… Faced with ever-increasing competition, companies are being put to the test through their ability to accurately understand their market and this, in record time. In this context, why is it so essential to question your market? How to create an effective survey or questionnaire?

Why is it necessary to create a survey on a regular basis?

Acquiring new customers is a victory. Retaining them is another battle. Thus, seduction with a customer does not stop with the first purchase. Especially not! To remain competitive, it is in the company’s interest to regularly question its market. It has many marketing tools, each with its own specificities, and all with the goal to collect valuable information about customers’ purchasing behavior. This starting point will be followed by analysis performed by the marketing team, then strategic decisions to guide the company’s offers. Creating a survey or questionnaire highlights a main issue: being able to better distinguish customer targets and then better address them, by adjusting the services and products offered. Furthermore, this approach is viewed positively by the client. Above all, it is an excellent means of interaction with the company at its disposal: these questionnaires and surveys give customers a voice. The second positive signal is the possibility for the company to show that it is able to take into account the remarks, expectations and needs of its customers. Thus, the assessment of customer satisfaction is effectively measured.

How to create a survey? | An organization that anticipates itself

The survey is a statistical method for collecting answers to specific questions asked by the company to its hearing. The method is effective provided that the hearing to be questioned is perfectly targeted beforehand. RowShare, thanks to the collaborative tools it offers, facilitates the work of the marketing team. The latter will be able to list, within a shared table, the company’s different customer segments (depending on its level of interest in services and products): • Customer segment number; • Segment designation: prospects between 18 and 25 years old, prospects over 25 years old, customers who bought once, customers who bought more than 3 times etc.; • Survey assigned to the offer: evaluate the satisfaction of offer A, evaluate the satisfaction of offer B, etc.; • Launching date of the survey. This first table centralizes the essential elements for the preparation of the survey. Each contributor to the project can easily complete or modify the elements. Use this template to create a survey  Use this template to collect Customer feedback Then comes the formalization of the questions that can be carried out within a second shared table. As for sharing the survey, it is just as simple. Once the table is filled in, simply click on the “Share” button to access a link. You will only have to forward the URL to the people who will be surveyed. The rigor provided by the marketing team will contribute to the reliability of post-survey results. Conducting an opinion poll is therefore not something to be improvised. Each step should be carried out with particular care to ensure the best results for the company! Try for Free