Here are some HR templates to help you ensure the success of everyday Human Resources job. Use and personalize them according to your needs! In Human Resources management, managing various activities related to people requires thorough planning and follow up. From tracking applicant, creating employment contract, managing company directory, maintaining employees’ record to organizing carpooling activity and more. Save time and manage the employees in your company better!

HR Templates in RowShare

Applicant Tracking

Are you dealing with a recruiting process for open positions? It is always easier to make a decision when you invest in a thorough and detailed hiring process. Record well the recruiting process crucial components such as job openings details and all applicants’ information. In an HR team, there could be several members handling different tasks, one might be in charge with hunting potential applicants, and another in charge with contacting them. Thus, an effective collaboration is needed. RowShare’s “Applicant Tracking” will help you to better handle your recruiting process. Track each process, and collaborate with your team better by using this Applicant Tracking template.     Free-Human-Resources-Templates    

Employment Contracts

Normally, to avoid starting from zero, you create and save one template of contract, then you would use it each time you need to create a new one. That might save a little of your time, but that also means that you still need to copy and paste relevant details to your document. With RowShare, you don’t have to do that everytime you send out contract for each new employee. Its RowMerge feature makes your work easier by automatically combining your new hire forms template with each employee data. Generate  Get this Employment Contracts template.     Free-Human-Resources-Templates  

Employee Directory

Keep track of all employees’ information in your company. Centralize all their details in one place: Name, address, email, telephone number, and more. RowShare’s automatic access rights feature makes it possible for each employee to fill in their own information without necessarily being able to modify other employees’ entry. Get this Employee Directory template.   Human-Resources-Templates  

Company Directory

People get hired, move to different office branch, etc. Centralizing each employee’s information in one place is the way to keep you organized. You can easily keep track of their hiring date, position, division and office branch, etc. Get this Company Directory template.   Human-Resources-Templates    

Leave and Absences

Keep track of the length of absence of each employee easily. Keep yourself organized by centralizing all employees’ absences details in one place. Employees can specify their annual leave, vacation, sick days, paid leave and other type of absence. Get this Leave and Absences template.   Human-Resources-Templates  


Keep track of how many hours each employee spent for each project. This timesheet template is designed to make each employee’s work easier. You can customize it to fit your employees’ needs!   Human-Resources-Templates  

Monthly Report

A manager needs to understand the performance of the team members and help them improve the areas that need special attention. Save your time and energy by keeping track of each employee’s tasks and gathering their suggestions in one place. Get this ready-to-use Monthly Report. Free-Human-Resources-Templates  

Expense Report

Let each employee record business expense for travel, reimbursment in one place. Add them to a report in just a few clicks by using RowMergeGet this Expense Report template to make expense reporting and tracking your expense simpler. Free-Human-Resources-Templates

Carpooling Organizer

Do you often organize trips and realize that using spreadsheet might not be the best solution? Setting up a carpooling arrangement to get to work with your colleagues can be a little complicated sometimes. But, when everyone is notified where they should be at what time, your carpooling organization can’t be any easier. With RowShare’s “Carpooling Organizer” template, make sure that drivers won’t miss any chance to offer their empty seats, and passengers are guaranteed to find their seat. Get this Carpooling Organizer template. Free-Human-Resources-Templates