How to Insert Pictures and Files into Your Table Cells

Do you want to share pictures or files with your team but don’t want to send those large files by email? One of the easiest solutions is to insert pictures and/or files into your table, and share your table instead.

RowShare, an online collaborative table focusing in sharing and collaboration, offers that simple solution. With RowShare, you can have your files and pictures attached to your table cells, and share them with your team within a few mouse clicks.

Insert Pictures and Files into Your Table Cells

Insert Pictures Easily with RowShare

Create a table from our catalog or start from scratch. Add one or several Image columns to your table and upload pictures easily. No more sending large files by email, just share the URL addess of your RowShare table instead.

Moreover, you can control your table and pictures the way you want it, from sorting, filtering, to setting columns as read only!

Tip: If you already have your work in Excel, import it to RowShare and change the appropriate column type to Image. Then, simply click on the cell and upload the photo.

Insert Files Effortlessly with RowShare

Do you still exchange emails to share files with your team? It’s time to say goodbye to the old school way! With RowShare, you can insert attachments within a few mouse clicks! Start by creating a table from RowShare’s templates or from scratch.

Attach your files by following these really easy steps:

  1. Add a column of type “File” to your table
  2. Click on the cell, browse your file and attach it to your RowShare table

Again, you can always control your table and files by sorting and filtering it, or setting columns as read only. It couldn’t be any simpler, here is a quick video to guide you better:

Tip: In case you have your table done in Excel, import it to RowShare and change the appropriate column type to File. Then, just click on the cell and upload the file.

After adjusting your table in RowShare, you can then synchronize it with Excel to benefit the best features of both tools. When synchronizing with Excel, instead of having the file itself, you will have the link of the file in your Excel sheet.

In this case, Excel will not display the actual file or picture, but a link to your file or picture instead. For more details, visit our help page on inserting images and files with RowShare.

Happy RowSharing!

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