Sharing Excel Sheet, Different Rows to Different People – Easy Peasy?

Do you sometimes need to share different rows to different people when working with them in Excel? Perhaps each row contains sensitive information, so you want each person to only see certain row that concerns them?

For example: You are a teacher who records student grades in Excel, where you have a column containing all the grades. You don’t want each student to see other students’ grades. So, you want to share your Excel fie in a way that each student can only see their own grade. If that’s the case, then each row must correspond to a single person.

So, we will see here how to do it in Excel, then we will see how RowShare can complement Excel in maximizing your sharing scenario.


Do it in Excel

The simplest way to do this in Excel is by having several workbooks: one master where you record the columns containing sensitive information such as grades or salary. You are the only person having access to that workbook. Every time you need to share some information to different people, copy certain rows corresponding to that certain person, and paste it in a new file. Share that new workbook instead of the master that has all information in it. So, at the end you will have several files, one for each person.

To share your workbooks, you can either use email, or the cloud. If you decide to use the cloud, it means that you have to save those files separately , and share one different link to each person.

If you expect these users to add information to their copies of your file, once they return it to you, you’ll have to copy/paste it the other way to consolidate everything in your master file.

If having too many files frustrates you, there is another possible way that allows you having only one file.


Excel also offers the option to hide rows. But if you don’t want every user to see the same rows, you will need as well to create one copy of your file for each contributor. It’s actually more complex as you need to protect your file to prevent them from unhiding the hidden rows.

Hide Rows

This method may take time, plus, the more people you need to share with, the more inconvenient it becomes. So, this is not the best way to share your file with a lot of people.

Is there any other way that is easier for me?

Do it in RowShare

You can use Excel together with RowShare, an online collaborative table whose one of the strengths lies in its Access Rights. RowShare allows you to take control over the rows and columns you share. You can have different settings for different people. Smart sharing is only a matter of few clicks of a mouse.

Automatic Access Rights

Above your RowShare table, click on “Share” to define your table sharing settings when people access your table.

First, decide what rows your users will be able to VIEW in your table, and then when they are allowed to EDIT:

  1. Nothing: View no rows
  2. His/her rows: Can only view their own row(s)
  3. All rows: Can view all the table

Here is a quick video to enlighten you:

RowShare tables are stored in the cloud. So, whoever accesses it sees the same version of any RowShare table anytime and anywhere. If you hide any rows or columns, they will instantly become inaccessible to anyone visiting the table.

As the table owner, you are the only one who can see hidden rows and columns. With RowShare Business, you also can have table co-owners who benefit of the same acess rights as you. Try RowShare Business for free during 30 days!

Tip: If you already have all your work done in Excel, or if you want to continue to benefit from Excel analytics features, RowShare imports and syncs Excel files!

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Happy RowSharing!

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