How to Embed Tables in Your Website

Most people have the needs to share information through a website or a blog. Sometimes, it is useful to arrange information in your website in a tabular format. For example, product feature, survey result or any other content that can be best represented in a clear table layout.


HTML Tables or Spreadsheets?

Using tables in your website allow people visiting it to see information at a glance. Plus, it also gives you a quick way to organize and display information on your website.

There are many ways of embedding tables to your website, one of them is to code HTML tables, which requires you to understand few basic code.

Wait, what code? I’m not even that tech-savvy!

Worry no more, take your headache out! There are also other ways you can do without having to code manual HTML table.

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Through Google Spreadsheets or Excel Spreadsheets, you can embed tables to your website. Google Docs will offer you the IFRAME embed code, but it will be a static HTML document – there’s no option for sorting or filtering data in the HTML table.

Another option is to embed your table through Excel Spreadsheets. While Excel Spreadsheets allow you to have an interactive tables in your webpage, it won’t allow you to have pictures in its tables.

So, what now? Having interactive table containing pictures in your webpage can’t be possible?

Nothing is impossible! You can have both, picture and interactive table. Let’s see what we can offer you here!

Easily Embed Interactive Tables with RowShare

You want to share work schedule, product feature or survey results or any other content with your team through a website or a blog? You need to update changes in the original table to keep information up to date?

Interactive table that you can embed in your website easily is the answer! With RowShare, you can easlily add an interactive table to your website in just a few clicks!

1. Click on the “Embed” above your RowShare table

2. Copy your HTML code

3. Paste it to your website HTML page

Update as easily as you update the original RowShare Table! If you modify data of your RowShare table, the embedded table in your website will then be updated automatically. There is no need to edit the web containing the table. Other than that, you can have an interactive HTML tables on your webpage. From downloading images, sorting, filtering, you name it! You have also a link included in the embedded tables, that way, your visitors can open the table in the RowShare application.

Happy rowsharing!

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