RowShare vNext is available!

On behalf of the RowShare team, after months of development and weeks of testing, I am thrilled to announce the availability of our latest version! Below, on your left, our previous table, and on your right, RowShare vNext.


There are way too many differences to be listed here. But here are a few handpicked amongst the most popular:

  • Search within a table
  • Enhanced navigation either with mouse, finger or keyboard
  • Columns can be resized
  • Pictures: minature show the full picture instead of a slice, and is magnified on mouse over
  • Multi-column sort
  • Multiple wizards

All this comes with a drastic performance enhancement, bringing our table size limit from a few hundred rows to tens of thousands (for RowShare Business customers).

In the next few weeks, you’ll have the option to switch color, but also to add formulas, and many other changes I can’t yet write about.

Have a look: you only need to access any table. Your information is untouched, only the look and features have been upgraded. If you have any remark, positive or constructive, or issue or delight, please contact us through our online chat, or the Contact Form.