Beta test RowShare V2!

We offer you the opportunity to test for the first time ever the new version of RowShare tables. We need a few more weeks to polish it, but you can already give it a test run.

It’s really easy: navigate to your account, and click on Enable Beta Features, then don’t forget to hit SAVE lower in the page. From now on, all tables will be displayed to you with the new user interface. That’s it! If you change your mind later, come back and uncheck the option.

What will you get with RowShare new version? We worked on two main enhancement areas: performance and user experience.

Performances have been multiplied by up to 100! RowShare used to slow down with tables in the range of a few hundred rows. This should now happen only for tables composed of tens of thousands rows. Display, navigation, scrolling, page load, everything is now much faster. The larger your tables are, the more performance enhancement you will witness.


We also worked a lot on RowShare tables’ user experience to enhance your productivity. Most notable enhancements include:

  • Picture experience reinvented: the miniature now fully show your picture in the table, and you see a bigger version when your mouse is over the miniature. Embedding pictures and files is one of your preferred features. It’s now much more useful.
  • Keyboard navigation now fully supported
  • Column settings visible in a glance: read only, hidden, filtered, sorted…
  • Glance on mouse over available on some datatypes, possibility to discard your input before confirming it…

However, this is only for users keen to test something new and not perfectly finished. On one hand, these new tables are more likely to include bugs. If you have any problem, please let us know.

On the other hand, some features are not yet available. The ones you are the most likely to miss are the ability to edit columns properties and to generate documents.

To summarize, to create a table or change its structure, you might still need the old RowShare version. But to enter and to read information, the new version should be much better.