Get Smart: New Filter and Column Options

Every day, our team works hard to improve our product and better meet your expectations. Today, we’re introducing filters and new practical column features.

Filter rows in seconds

You asked, we listened. RowShare allows you to filter by column.


Click on the column of your choice and choose the Filter option. Then, select the value or values to display. Simple, yet effective.

Limit access to your columns

As you know, RowShare’s smart row system is an automatic and intuitive way to manage how you share rows for each table. This system now extends to the table columns, changing the way you view data and granting you more control.

Out of sight

You can hide a column from users and make the row viewable only to the table owners. This new feature would allow you to hide sensitive information, such as a salary column in an employee directory.


Out of reach

You can also set columns to read-only, thereby revoking editing rights to all users except the table owners, while keeping the column visible to all.


New and improved

That’s not all! Check out some of the other new and improved features of this year-end release:

  • New: the option to instantly clear al values in a column
  • New: document generation for specific rows or from the form view—no longer just for the entire table
  • Improved: the speed for loading and editing tables

And last but not least, we are pleased to announce that RowShare is now available in Spanish!

Únase a RowShare para crear y compartir tablas :)