Choosing your workplace is never an easy task, especially when it comes to moving from one space to another, usually due to a growing work team. For both managers and employees, this symbolizes an important step in the life of a business. A successful move will promote the company’s image (for employees, but also for potential hires), however, a disorganized change of premises can send the wrong signals to employees. How do you successfully move a business? How can you change your place of business under the best conditions and boost the company’s image at the same time?

Compare the Place to Better Choose Your Professional Workplace

A business that decides to move headquarters wants to meet certain objectives. There are many reasons for a future move: the capacity of the current premises cannot contain a growing number of employees, the offices lack the facilities to properly organize your teams, or accessibility to the premises may be insufficient. To meet these needs and in order to remain attractive, a company may want to draw up a list of criteria to take into consideration when choosing the company’s new premises. For every location identified, their characteristics can be organized in a table shared between the person in charge of the move and management. That way, this sort of instant visualization will facilitate comparting the various advantages of each option. These criteria may include: • Location/postal address • Monthly rent • Transportation/transportation types and references • Surface area • Configuration of the area • Advantages of the surrounding neighborhood, etc.   Create your first RowShare table with this template : Seeking a business location

Communicate with Your Employees Before the Company Relocation

In order to minimize employee concerns, a communication schedule can be set up easily. Anticipating questions your teams may have about the choice of business premises will avoid misinterpretations and promote engagement in the moving project. Managers can highlight the advantages identified, such as easier access to the location, any nearby businesses, and the general attractiveness of the surrounding neighborhood, modern premises and amenities to promote teamwork, and so on. It is useful to communicate about the future move as soon as the new lease is signed in order to allow employees the time to imagine themselves in this new situation. Packing boxes and the first week at the new premises may be events that the company needs to organize (a lunch or potluck with the teams on packing day, an inauguration ceremony of the new premises, etc.). It would also be wise to take advantage of the move to communication with the company’s customers. From a marketing point of view, an external communication strategy (with customers and applicants) can be designed and deployed during the first few months following the move. Choosing your future place of business may be a real opportunity for the company if the event is carefully planned beforehand. Use the collaborative tool by RowShare to facilitate your move and keep your employees mobilized!