RowShare is a new free online collaborative table

An intuitive and efficient way to get organized, it helps centralize and share information. As simple as a table, RowShare intelligently manages alerts and user access to information.

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Familiar as a table

Easy as a table

Everyone knows tables, rows, columns… Nothing new and complex here.

Far simpler than a traditional

Far easier and more visual, it's certainly not a spreadsheet. Fewer intimidating buttons, fewer questions to answer—and with the added functions of inserting pictures, files and a variety of other visuals.

You won't forget our tables

Subscribe to your favorite tables with just one click. RowShare will notify you about any content changes or deadlines.

Turnkey tables

RowShare offers a catalog of turnkey tables for every situation, from tracking task achievement to tracking inventory; from editing a list of guests or employees to even grouping and sharing your favorite cooking recipes.

Our catalog is meant to inspire you. Feel free to copy, modify or even create your own tables.

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Smart Rows

Rows are the heart of RowShare. Each line of a given table will adapt to its context and audience.

Automatic access rights

Users can see only lines relevant to them, and can modify only rows they have been authorized to change.

As table owner, one click will allow everyone to see (or edit) either the entire table or his/her rows only.

Fit for data input and analysis

To collect data, users can access a web form from any device.

Sit back and let RowShare create the form for you.

Each time a form is completed, you receive a notification and the response is added as a new line in your RowShare table.

Merge tables in documents to remove human error

Let's face it, you probably have a number of templates that are reused and adapted regularly for each customer, order, employee, member—be it invoices, contracts, lists, certificates… the list goes on.

Create your document templates in Microsoft Word one time and RowShare will automatically update the document with information from your tables. No more copy and paste errors; no more wrong templates.

One step further

Do you love Excel? Do you know a fan of pivot tables?

RowShare complements Excel, it doesn't compete with it. Make use of RowShare's simple web interface, smart rows, notifications—all while accessing your RowShare tables from Excel. Get the best of both worlds.

An API for your specific needs

Need help?

Contact us. We'll do our best to help you.


  • Templates
  • Sharing
  • Document merge
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Smart rows
  • Excel® synchronization
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For Business

  • Private shared workspace
  • Groups
  • Hierarchical access rights
  • Ready for BI
  • Priority support
  • Data retention
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