RowShare Business

This version goes further when it comes to centralizing and sharing information to enhance efficiency and save time as a team.

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Collaborative tables for organizations


Like the free version, RowShare Business offers intuitive table design, smart rows and row sharing, and simple document creation.

Collaborative workspace

Members can use the RowShare Business collaborative space to share tables both inside and outside of the organization.

Smart Rows made smarter

These enhanced smart rows allow more hierarchical access rights for your company or project.

Business Ready

RowShare Business integrates seamlessly with your company log-in credentials and Business Intelligence tools, while also providing increased support and help getting started.

Replace a mess of emails, shared networks, online and traditional spreadsheets and cloud file shares with our collaborative tables. These tables will simplify how you collect and share information and collaborate around it.

Collaborative workspace

Shared tables

Dedicate a space for team members to browse existing tables and add their own. This space stores an unlimited number of tables and easily accommodates your large files.

Share inside and outside your RowShare Business subscription

Make specific tables accessible outside of your RowShare Business subscription. By default, your RowShare Business tables will only be available to its members (the ones you pay for), but this can be opened up.

Users and Groups

Define groups and give fine grain access to users and groups, including termination when a user quits your organization or changes role.

Smart rows

One click is always enough to decide if anyone can see or edit the whole table or just his/her relevant lines. Smart rows go even further in RowShare Business to ensure that every user has access to the right information—no more, no less—without compromising usability.

Hierarchical Access Rights

Activate hierarchical access rights so that every manager automatically receives the same rights as their team—all without configuring permissions table by table, user by user.


Connect to RowShare with your corporate login

You can connect to RowShare with your corporate ID if you use Google, Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Data Retention

Your data is invaluable. We will ensure it doesn't disappear by mistake by offering a table bin and a better data retention plan both during and after your subscription.

Happy to help

We created RowShare so that you wouldn't need help to use it. But if you're too busy, or if your needs are advanced or special, we would love to help.

Pay how you want, when you want

You choose the number of users, subscription duration, invoicing date and invoicing frequency—we'll provide the quote. NGOs and charities are eligible for special pricing.

Ask us if our standard options online do not fit your needs.

Get the most from RowShare in the shortest time

We can train you in RowShare best practices and identify the innovative features that distinguish it from any other tool. All organizations with over 50 users are eligible for a free session with a 1 year subscription. For smaller teams or teams not ready to lock into a year subscription, ask us for a quote.

The answers you need

As a RowShare Business customer, you have priority access to our support. Our support team will get back to you within one business day and will work hard to solve your issue as soon as possible.

We can do even more

RowShare is flexible thanks to automatic document generation, API (Application Programming Interface) and Zapier integration services (see RowShare features). If you have ideas of how you would like to extend RowShare but do not have the time or the skills, let us know. We can create document templates for you, integrate RowShare with your CRM email, big data platform or with any other application system.

Contact us to share your ideas.