About RowShare

RowShare is a free, new collaborative online table. An intuitive and efficient organization tool, it is designed to centralize and share information. As simple as a table, RowShare smartly manages user access to information and alerts them if necessary.

Our team

  • Maud Chiva-Rampazzo

  • Noëmie Clavaressa

  • Daniel Cohen-Zardi

  • Antoine Driard

  • Richard Foucaud

  • Thomas Ledan

  • Yoann Poli


Our story

Information management is an ever-growing challenge. Spreadsheets offer an easy self-service solution to analyze and visualize limited volume of information. This works so well that spreadsheet end up being used for data collection as well, although collaboration is clearly not their strength. RowShare, literally "row sharing", was born from this idea of ​​allowing relevant person to collect his/her piece of data from a single table.


March 2014: First prototype

After producing initial sketches and a functional prototype, we quickly became convinced that this is what the market needed.

September 2014: A new team is born

Building RowShare is already a full time job. A startup team is dedicated within SoftFluent, an established software vendor. We want to achieve something together that changes the way people work together.


February 2015: Beta

RowShare needs a visual identity to became a brand. The logo evokes sharing, table rows and columns. This is when we started our obsession with user experience.

February 2015: Beta

A private beta was launched and helped us lead to a solid story. We collected feedback from our early adopters and funnelled it back into the product prior to launch.


October 2015: Product launch

SoftFluent 10 year anniversary party saw the launch of RowShare in French and English.

Summer 2016: RowShare Business

RowShare Business is released, enabling teams to work and share information efficiently together. Meanwhile, the free edition has seen hundreds of minor and major improvements.


February 2017: Another language added

After English and French, RowShare is now available in Spanish.

June 2017: RowShare vNext

RowShare now comes with a sleeker User Interface and vastly improved performance. Perfomance improvement enable tables up to 100 times larger.


October 2017: More Templates

We extend our catalog of ready-to-use tables, adding dozens of tables from marketing, sales, HR, project management, admin, to personal ones.


March 2018: Partnership with Zapier

The official RowShare-Zapier integration is available. RowShare is now connected to 1,000+ apps through Zapier, a platform that connect apps together to help create workflow automation.

There are lots of beautiful chapters remaining, chapters we'll write together.

SoftFluent, the company behind RowShare

SoftFluent is an innovative software company founded in 2005 by Microsoft veterans.